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If you are easily stressed or anxious when visiting the dentist, there are sedatives that you can take that will ease your mind and dull your senses. Depending on the level of sedation you need, different sedatives can produce different results. Some levels of sedation can put your mind and mouth as ease while others can put you to sleep. If you suffer from dental anxiety, speak with our dentists about sedation.

One of the most common types of sedatives people know about are the inhaled varieties, which include nitrous oxide, more commonly known as laughing gas. Laughing gas can help calm and relax a patient and is the only known form of dental sedation that makes it possible for a patient to drive themselves home safely after treatment, as it wears off almost immediately after treatment.

Another type of sedation is the kind that is given intravenously. When sedatives are injected directly into your veins, they are fast acting and can be easily manipulated to give a dosage and treatment for a wide range of levels of sedation.

A much slower form of sedation is oral sedation given in pill form. This normally takes a long time to kick in, so it is usually administered up to an hour before any procedures are performed. Dosage can be adjusted as necessary for a relaxing feel or increase to put the patient to sleep.
The strongest form of sedation is deep sedation via general anesthesia. With the use of concentrated forms of anesthesia, dentists can put patients to sleep for long bouts at a time, at which time they will remain asleep until the sedative wears off.

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