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Your tooth enamel is a layer of densely packed microscopic crystals that provide your teeth with the strength to bite and chew and withstand dental problems. Regardless of the immense durability of tooth enamel, unfortunate circumstances such as chewing pencils, grinding your teeth or being struck in the face can cause a chip in the tooth enamel. A chipped tooth usually requires restorative dentistry such as a dental crown to prevent a cavity from occurring.

If the chip in a tooth is minor, it may not cause any pain and may not receive treatment before it develops tooth decay. When this happens, the chip can become a harbor for substances such as food particles and plaque that lead the tooth to receiving a cavity.

At Dakota Ridge Dental, we strive to provide conservative dental treatment such as a dental filling for a chipped tooth, but if the tooth is at risk because of a significant tooth chip, a dental crown may be more appropriate. We are pleased to provide restorations that mimic your tooth’s original appearance and can be made with high-quality dental materials such as base metal alloy, gold or porcelain. The hollow insides allows the crown to cover the whole of the tooth and provide long-lasting protection.

At your first appointment, we remove the layer of tooth enamel from the tooth to form it into an abutment that supports the crown, and then we take a detailed impression of the area so that a dental lab can create the new crown to match your natural smile. While it’s in process, a temporary crown can protect your tooth.

Your second appointment is to discard the temporary crown and cement the new crown over the tooth. Contact Dakota Ridge Dental at 303.933.2420 today if you need to see our dentist, Drs. Petracek and Karlin, to treat a chipped tooth with a dental crown in Littleton, Colorado.