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As your child develops their primary teeth—their baby teeth–you should be aware that these baby teeth are vulnerable to tooth decay just as your own permanent teeth. If your child’s tooth experiences excessive tooth decay it might need to be extracted. Extracted teeth can have alignment issues down the road when their permanent teeth erupt.

Your child’s first teeth erupt from their gum line between the ages of four to six months. According to the American Dental Association it is recommended your child be seen for their first dental checkup between the the time their first tooth emerges and their first birthday.

A child’s first dental visit will involve checking the mouth to see how everything is developing, and looking for any abnormalities. This is the perfect time to ask any oral development questions you may have, as well as helping your child feel comfortable visiting the dental office.

The best time to schedule a child’s first appointment is before the afternoon but shortly after their morning nap. If your child is tired they are more likely to be anxious and fussy. It also helps if you keep your mood light and upbeat, as your child will pick up on your anxiety as well.

If you feel that may be a good time to take your child to their first dental trip, we invite you to call our office at 303.933.2420 and schedule a time to come in. We are excited to be a part of your child’s first dental experience and want to help them get the best start on their oral health!