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Carrots are awesome for making snowmen and treating horses, but are they alright for your teeth? As it turns out, yes! Carrots can be awesome for teeth. Here’s a bit of data we’ve assembled for you on why carrots may be able to strengthen your dental health. If you have any queries after reading this, feel free to ask us about carrots and healthy diet selections during your next stop in our office.

You may know that carrots are good for your eyes, but they’re actually awesome for your teeth as well. Eating carrots can help your mouth form surplus amounts of spit, and saliva is needed to keep your mouth wet and to rinse away bacteria and food debris left in your mouth after consuming meals. What’s more, carrots have vitamin A, which strengthens mucous membranes and keeps mouths from drying out, empowering you to recover dental lacerations speedily.

There are different ways to add carrots to your meals. You can try slicing them up for a nice bowl of crudité, or you may want to try dipping a few baby carrots in guacamole. Carrots are awesome in stews and stocks, and they add a cool bit of crunch to salads. If you’re creative, you can enhance the wellbeing of your teeth with carrots in many different ways!

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